Human Body: Some Interesting Facts

Human Body: Some Interesting Facts

All of us must be familiar with the body that we are living in. It has been housing everything that is us. So I think that you know all the things about your body. Or do you?

Maybe there are some things about your body that you don’t know yet. Today we will be talking about 10 things that you probably don’t know about your body. And I am sure that you are going to be amazed by these facts. So, let’s start with fact number 1.

Have you ever wondered how much spit you produce while you live? Well, the number might shock you. According to researchers, a normal human being produces about 40,000 liters of spit in his lifetime.

Have you grown your wisdom teeth? No need to worry if you have not. They don’t serve any special purpose. But they give much pain while growing. That is the result of the reduction in the space for those teeth as the human brain grew bigger.

You might know the blood vessels in your body. These are the vessels that carry blood to different parts of the body. The interesting fact about them is that if you managed to join all the blood vessels of an adult human being end to end, then the total length would be around 100,000 miles. That is about 4 times the equatorial perimeter of the earth. So you could go around the equator 4 times with that length.

How much do you weigh? Whatever your weight is, about 8 percent of that is your blood.

Talking about weight, skin can make up 15 percent of your total body weight. After all, it is the largest organ of your body.

Everyone is different from one another. It is a known fact that everybody has the distinguishing features that separate them from others. But according to scientists and researchers, all human beings are about 99 percent identical at the genetic level. Seems like we are not much different after all.

What organ in your body grows the fastest. Obviously, it’s your hair. Hair can grow about 6 inches per year. But did you know that your bone marrow can grow faster than that? I hope you didn’t; till now.

Research has shown that people measure taller in the morning than in the evening time. The reason is the compression of the cartilage in your bones during the day because of gravity. Wanna give it a try? Grab your measuring tape and go for it.

Which organ of your body has the highest blood flow? You might think it’s your heart given that the heart pumps blood. If you think so, then you might be wrong. As a matter of fact, kidneys are the organ where there is maximum blood flow. That is because kidneys are the filtration system of the body. And it is responsible for blood filtration.

Your left lung is about 10 percent smaller than your right lung. That is because the left lung shares some space in your chest with the heart, which is also on the left side of your chest.

This is all for this article. Hope you enjoyed it and knew something interesting and informative about your body.

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