The Origin and Advancement of Smartphones

The Origin and Advancement of Smartphones

In this modern time smartphones are the important part of each and every person’s life.  It is the means for smartness. One can indulge in this device for whole day, earning money online, making projects, videos, getting information, playing games and many more. This small compact device has drastically transformed in this 28 years journey from IBM and the world’s first smartphone in 1992 to the iPhone launched in 2007, to new generation smartphones with diverse features and high-powered cameras till this time of 2020.

The understanding of history provides us information for the advancement of new mobile devices. The early devices of smartphones such as IBM’s Simon showed us a hint for the development of modern days Apple iPhone and other Samsung, Xiaomi mobile phones. Basically, the development of smartphones has replaced the digital cameras and music players and also has provided a kind of personal assistants like Siri and voice search nowadays, besides communicating with each other.

Here is the list of some smartphones to take a look at in order to know, how far we have come.

IBM simon

The first Smartphone developed by IBM, Simon personal Communicator (SPC) was invented in 20th Century, 1992 and then released to market in 1994 for purchase. Though this mobile phone was not very compact and sleek, the device had many modern elements attributing to modern days current smartphones such as touch screen, email, fax notes and calendar, and other widgets that would become widespread some decades later.

The Simon phone had a one-hour battery life and had small monochrome LCD screen. Though it was quite expensive at the beginning with at $1,100 retail price and only 50,000 units were sold in 6 months. But it was milestone and world’s first smartphone.

blackberry 5810

Secondly, this device was followed by Black Berry 5810 with additional features of music, a full keyboard, advanced security and internet access. It was the choice of business professionals and became the market leader of the world until the iPhone mobiles introduced in 2007. According to reports, Black Berry gradually lost its customer and had 0 % market share in the year 2017.

Now, with the invention and development of smartphones, Apple enters the smartphones race in 2007 with introduction of iPhone, which was one of the most advanced consumer smartphone with price of $499 for 4 GB unit and 8 GB model costs $599.


With just 1.4 million iPhones in its first year it exploded to 11.6 million sold in successive year in 2008. iPhone become a customer’s favorite due to its extended battery life for 8 hours of talk time 250 hours on standby which was huge improvement over IBM’s Simon. Actually, the very first iPhone developed by Steve Jobs and the team at Mac world gave consumers, the ability to browse the web as like they would on a desktop computer.

First iPhone Vs iPhone 11 Pro

The invention of first iPhone and its development has given us the chance to use iPhone 11 Pro with triple-camera system (Ultra wide, wide, and telephoto), 5.8” or 6.5” Super retina XDR display, somewhat water resistant for 30 minutes to a depth of 4 meters and up to 20 hours of video playback at this present period of time.

iphone 11 pro

Likewise, there are various smartphones, brands which are quite successful in the smartphone market. Some popular brands include Apple iPhones, Nokia, Samsung and Xiaomi Redmi mobile phones. Samsung launched the one of the popular Galaxy S series devices in March 2010, including a powerful CPU, a AMOLED display of 4 inches and a 5 megapixel camera which has now succeeded to launch the phone with OS of android version more than 10 and high power cameras about 10 times more megapixel than initial ones and battery more than 5000 mAh. For example: Samsung Galaxy M 31 with 6000 mAh battery capacity.

In the past few years it has been realized that most of the people are attracted to shot photos for which they want good mobile phones. Due to which the first single, dual camera are nowadays advanced with the triple lens camera, then the quad lens camera because of which it is suspected that in future it might go beyond that.

samsusng galaxy note 20 ultra

Beside that there has been a high competition between mobile companies for the development of 5G and 6 G smartphones with high efficacy. Some smartphones that supports 5G networks are Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra, S20 plus and One Plus 8 pro.

Moreover, most of the smartphone companies are working for smartphones with revolutionized features in future in terms of more flexible displays, wireless  charging, AI, powerful processors. As Artificial intelligence has been playing a major role in the flagship smartphones, it has been expected for more in the future with technology specifically suited for machine learning, and recognition of dog, cat and man photo along with detection of voice from anyone else. With advancement in this technology hopefully we should not have to wait too long for perfect smartphones for all in all categories.

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