Impact of Internet of Things (IoT)

Impact of Internet of Things (IoT)

Every few years, the tech world drops a new word sending buzz around the world. With the hype come controversies with endless arguments between the innovator and the critics. The golden one these days is the Internet of Things which simply means a bunch of things interconnected via the internet. IoT provides a platform for machines to share the data on the internet without your efforts or instruction. In simpler terms: machine to machine communication. IoT’s applications include smart home, smart city, everything smart. Let’s look at its impact.

Smart Home

First and foremost, the home, our abode. A smartphone-controlled home is like having your whole world in your palm. Smart, connected appliances are what people usually associate when they hear IoT. They imagine an intelligent house with low-maintenance, programmed to save energy and make your life more convenient.

Examples of a smart home are a doorbell with facial recognition, light setting with the sensor, smart toilet, a self-learning thermostat, automated lighting, or a smart toothbrush and Virtual assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa are already in our homes. There are many more in development.

Access Remotely

loT enables us to access and control devices from a remote area, making it easy & convenient. Its main idea is accessible anytime anywhere.

Industrial efficiency

IoT is preparing to automate production, streamline processes, enable the machine to machine communication, all through acquiring, analyzing, and processing data received from IoT devices. Monitoring processes of manufacturing goods can help increase efficiency and minimize costs.

Accurate Prediction

IoT can predict natural disasters in real-time, by analyzing previous records in databases. Since everything becomes interconnected it can provide head-ups on when something will occur. It alerts us ahead of time, so we can be prepared, come up with a precautionary plan, and provide solutions.

Monitoring your health

For health, its possibilities are even more extensive. With the long list of wearables already in the market, we can track even more: sleeping patterns, vital signs, fitness, nutritional balance, GP visits, and check-up schedules, exercise programs, etc. There are tiny chips to monitor heart activity, blood sugar monitors, little patches to treat allergies, all of which measure and relay information without involving humans.

IoT for business management

Many businesses already use IoT devices to streamline their processes from security, inventory tracking, activity tracking wearables, to remote working. The ease of data sharing only enhances productivity and efficiency in work processes.

Waste Management

IoT systems could be a savior in a world where resources are scarce and a large percentage of energy is being wasted. IoT will have a major impact on waste management. With the seamless integration of the surrounding sensors, it tracks your activities, so you can examine trends and patterns which in the end helps in the decision-making. It will also give rise to self-sustainable buildings that consume as much energy as they produce by deploying IoT systems in the form of solar systems, smart energy grids, and energy monitoring systems.

IoT begins with small devices that let you regulate appliances remotely but on a large scale, it has the possibility of making the world energy sufficient without delving into non-renewable sources like oil, gas, and coal. The IoT is still in its infancy as a phenomenon. Despite this, its rate of expansion, adaptability, and scope is limitless. Within the next five years, sensors will likely be added in every aspect of our life, from our refrigerators to our shoes, sending signals to each other and to our phones without our knowledge. IoT demonstrates the limitless potential in the modern world.

The Internet of Things sounds like the most wonderful solution to many of our problems, but it comes with some woes as well. Smart devices in your home sound great until the communication channel gets compromised. Security challenges are always there but developers are working together to solve IoT’s security problem in Blockchain technology.

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