What Image Format to Use?

Best Image Format to use according to your needs

Every printed thing you see on paper, plastic, or a t-shirt came likely from an image file. These files come in a variety of formats, and each has its specific usages. You should have seen .jpeg, .jpg, .png attached at the end of your images. That denotes the file format of the image. Every type of image file format has its own usages, advantages, and disadvantages. In this guide, we will share the best image format to use as per your purposes.

JPEG/JPG: Joint Photographic Experts Group

Best Image Format to use according to your needs

JPEG is also widely written as .jpg. This is the most used image file format to store photos all over the world. In fact, most of the images you find online will download as default file format .jpg files. JPEG is great when you need to keep the image size compact. If the quality of the image is of no concern, use JPEG. JPEG is an excellent option for displaying complex photographs that include a lot of colors as well. JPEG images are great for sharing on social media, via email, and as websites graphic in general.

PNG: Portable Network Graphics

Best Image Format to use according to your needs

PNGs are the second most used image format for web graphics. It is the most used file format that helps a lot in photo editing. If you want to keep the image size small, but still retain the image quality, use PNG. Also if you want a transparent background, the PNG is the format for you. It is mostly used for web graphics, logos, watermarking, line art.

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GIF: Graphics Interchange Format

Best Image Format to use according to your needs

Among the three formats GIF, JPEG & PNG, GIF is the worst choice for web graphics, although file sizes are very small, they take time to load. But if you want to add animation to create great effects, use GIF. It is quite similar to PNG in terms of its image quality preservation. With GIF image files, you can also create short animations for the web and clip art.

PSD: Photoshop Document

Best Image Format to use according to your needs

When you save an image from Adobe Photoshop, its default format is the PSD file. This file can be used later in case you need to rework on the image. You should save your edited images as PSDs if you intend to revisit them later in Photoshop for retouching. This file format is not suitable for the web, nor is it suitable for clients because it isn’t versatile. But, it is the best image format to maintain the quality of the image over a long period of time. It is mostly used for print graphics, web graphics, website mock-ups, brochures, pamphlets, catalog, etc.

BMP: Bitmap

Microsoft Windows

BMP is a raster graphics image file format used to store bitmap graphics data. It was developed by Microsoft for Windows. BMP images are device-independent and don’t require a graphics adapter to display them. Image data in BMP files are usually uncompressed or compressed with Various Color Depths, color profiles, alpha channels, and optional data compression. BMP files are widely used on Microsoft Windows, Windows operating systems, and other platforms.

TIFF: Image File Format

TIFF/TIF is a computer file format for storing raster graphics images, popular among professionals like graphic artists, the publishing, printing house, designers, and photographers. It has the ability to read CMYK and YCbCr color and it can store high pixel intensity. TIFF is widely supported by Printing, scanning, faxing, image manipulation, desktop publishing, and page-layout applications. These days TIFF, along with JPEG and PNG, is a popular format for deep-color images.

Images are mostly used to catch your attention. With the growing market of social media, digital marketing, blogs, and e-commerce, the need for a good quality image has also dramatically increased. Whether it is to share your moments with your followers, marketing, advertisement, or visual storytelling, a qualitative image with aesthetic visuals has become a must. Usages of the quality image also improve your value and the company’s brand reputation as well.

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