Internet and its Depths: The Dark Web

The internet is the network that allows computers from around the world to communicate with one another. Today, the Internet has changed the way we do anything. The Internet provides a huge collection of data, information, and knowledge. It has changed the way we think, communicate, educate ourselves, and gain additional knowledge. Anything you want to know about, its available at your fingertip. Iceberg is often considered the best example of what the internet consists of. You can only see the tip of the iceberg without knowing what lies beneath the tip. Internet depths basically means different types of the internet (the dark web). Today, we’ll know what the Internet’s depth is all about.  

Internet and its Depths: The Dark Web

World Wide Web 

Or, WWW, refers to all the websites normally accessible from any search engines, the so-called good parts of the internet. At surface, the internet includes public websites such as Google, Yahoo, eBay, Wiki, Facebook, etc is the one we use. This type of Internet is a platform where it’s very easy to find things that are already available in search engines. You may think there is so much information on the internet. And wonder if you need more than a whole lifetime to know them. But what if I tell you that’s just 4% of the content available from the whole internet. Yes, only 4% of the content is available for the public in the entire ocean of the internet. Just consider this the “regular” internet that is easily accessible by anyone.

Internet and its Depths: The Dark Web

Deep Web

The content that you cannot find through the search engine is usually termed as deep web. You have to go through different websites just to locate the particular link. So, in essence, they are accessible but not present in the result box of any search engines. The only way to approach this part of the internet is through their links or specific Ip address. You can also find it after going through various pages it is connected to. It includes official documents or records from the bank, government, hospital, school, etc.

However, some engines like DeepPeep, Intute, Ahmia. fi and Scirus may display the hidden files and pages of this part of the deep web. Over 90% of the information on the internet is on this part of the internet and is not accessible by surface web crawlers. The Deep Web exists simply because of the information on the Internet is too huge for search engines to cover completely. The content that’s left out is the deep web. The Deep Web isn’t necessarily malicious.  

Dark Web

The dark web is a layer even deeper than Deep Web that isn’t visible to search engines. It requires the use of a specific anonymizing browser to be able to gain access to its content. Meaning you’ll need a dedicated browser (such as Tor) to see the content. It’s more anonymous than the regular internet. Thus often becomes the platform for illegal activities. It is often associated with criminal activity including drug deals, pornography, weapon sales, hiring a hitman, gambling, etc. It can be pretty gruesome. The dark web is often called the place where humanity’s darkest side is visible.

Though the Dark Web is mostly used for nefarious purposes, there are many legitimate uses as well. As it is anonymous we can anonymize reports of various crimes that would have otherwise serious consequence to posters. The deep web and dark web contains 96% of internet content.

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