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Travel Tips- Things to Consider When Travelling The World

The idea of traveling and exploring new places is exciting to look forward to. But for some, it can be a hassle because let’s admit it; not all of us are born savvy travelers and there are not useful travel tips too. When traveling around the world, there are numerous things that one must consider!

No matter how much one boasts, travelling savviness is born through personal experiences, attentiveness, and lots and lots of mistakes. Hence, to avoid such mistakes and mishaps from happening, today, we are sharing some useful travel tips aka things to consider when travelling around the world.

These tips will not only save you money but also make your travel hassel free and without any problems- hopefully.

Travel Insurance

First and foremost, when traveling, especially abroad, getting travel insurance is a must. If something goes- let’s say you are robbed or lost your documents, sick or injured, travel insurance can cover most of those hefty bills. World Nomads and Insure My Trip are some of the best and most trusted companies for this particular case.

Pack Light

While travelling, it is always better to travel light and pack only necessary items. To avoid packing heavy, you can make a list of necessary items and pack accordingly.

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Likewise, pre-planning your outfits saves a lot of time and requires only little space in your suitcase. And packing extra socks and underwear is always the best.

Make Copies of Important Documents

Traveling is all about relaxing and letting go of your life for a while. But while doing so, some get a little too comfortable and lose sight of their important stuff such as passports and travel documents.

Hence, to avoid such mishaps from happening, always make multiple copies of your important documents. While at it, also bring extra passport photos.

Stay Hydrated

Fatigue and dizziness are something that new travellers always suffer from. Experienced travellers know the importance of staying hydrated and cooling yourself. It is one of the most important travel tips and things to consider when travelling around the world.

Travel Tips- Stay Hydrated

Moreover, always keep sunscreen or lotion and hats, anything to block the sun, in your backpack.

Take Extra Bank and Credit Card

Just like the possibility of losing your passport is slim, so is losing bank and credit card. However, they are not totally impossible. When you are in foreign land, anything can happen. You don’t want to be stuck just in case your bank cards get stolen or all your money is robbed.

Also, while at it, bring credit and debit card that does not charge a foreign transaction fee. Trust me- you don’t want to give the banks your hard earned money.

Learn Basic Phrases

We know, it is not possible to learn every language of the country you visit. But it does not hurt anyone to learn their basic phrases- something as simple as hello and how much is it. You don’t have to be a master to be polite. And in return, it makes your interaction easier.

Enquire and Haggle

It is likely for travellers to explore the city and also search for souvenirs as a simple memento. But many tourist spots and shops sell items overpriced, unknown to us. Hence, when you are at those shops, don’t be afraid to enquire and haggle for a discount. Chances are- the items are always overpriced and you might get a discount.

Try Local Eateries

One of the things that travellers spent most of their money on is food. It is essential and must to try the local delicacy while travelling but we tend to stick at restaurants and expensive shops.

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It is ideal to try local eateries and local foods rather than having an overpriced brunch at a hotel. Not only do you get delicious food at affordable price but also get to know the locality better.

Try Local Eateries and Street Food

Carry Travel First Aid Kit

Always pack small first aid kit with aspirin, cold meds, cough drops, bandages, Benedryl and things when travelling. Much to our dismay, we may not always have easy access to such meds.

Always carry First Aid Kit

Tell Someone of Your Travel Plans

Nowadays, more and more people are opting the idea of travelling alone. While it is calming and adventurous to say, solo travelling can also be daunting for many. Since unpredictable tend to happen, it is extremely important to let someone at home know about your plans. It is better to communicate with your family and friends during your little solo excursion as well.

Relax and Enjoy

It is important to be careful while travelling but being too uptight about the situation might ruin the fun from it. The main reason we travel is to relax and find balance in our life. Hence, thinking too much will contradict the very principle of travelling.

Also, interact with locals, ask for help from your hotels, and always have an open mind about the place. It will only enhance your experience even more.

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