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The Cheapest Countries To Travel (Top 10)

With the start of new year, every travel lovers start planning their trips and packing. Of course, visiting new places and destinations is always fun but some trips can be heavy on the pocket. In such cases, finding a cheaper alternative or countries, you may say is better!

If you did not know, all of the countries mentioned in this list offers a worthy trip for a cheap price. At the same time, many of these countries are cheaper due to weak local currency or the current global market.

10. Greece

The Cheapest Countries To Travel
Simi Land, Greece

Last time Greece was on the list of ‘the Safest Countries‘ and it seems the country is affordable as well. Set right in the Mediterranean, Greece is the favorite destination of many travellers.

Located in the coastline, the city offers a variety of fresh sea foods, iconic ocean views paired with ancient colorful cities, and affordable accommodation.

9. Thailand

The Cheapest Countries To Travel

Always buzzing and filled with tourists, Thailand is filled with hotspots and beaches catering to travellers’ needs. Amidst the neon cities and skyscrapers, the country is filled with lush jungles, and ancient temples where you can feel their belief.

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Looking at it, we can hardly believe that it is one of the cheapest countries in the world at the moment.

8. Turkey

The Cheapest Countries To Travel

Whether it is the intricate architects of mosques or alluring Mediterranean coastline, Turkey is without a doubt one of the exciting places on earth. Definitely cheapest countries in the list, tourists are always awed by their Islamic culture and cities with buzzing bazaars, Roman ruins, and stunning Mediterranean beaches.

7. Nepal

The Cheapest Countries To Travel
Nepal is one of the cheapest countries in the world

Despite being one of the smallest countries in the world, other superlatives like the safest, cheapest, and beautiful always comes with it. Nepal, which is also the dream destination for backpackers is a perfect place to get your money’s worth.

For just $20 dollars, you can get best yet cheap and well-supported mountain trekking packages. Not to mention, while enjoying the iconic Himalayan ranges, travellers can also sip teas from the region.

6. South Africa

The Cheapest Countries To Travel
Land of Wilderness, South Africa

Mostly associated with incredible wildlife, South Africa is also home to the stunning coastline, amazing hospitability, mouth-watering fusion dishes, and comfortable hotels. Now imagine all of that at an affordable price.

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When you visit this country, you can feel the wilderness and why it is the perfect stepping stone for beginner travellers. Likewise, South Africa has been getting cheaper since 2017.

5. Bulgaria

The Cheapest Countries To Travel

One of the cheapest country in Europe, Bulgaria, is home to gorgeous old towns, aged wines, lovely coastline, and friendly people. You can barely spend over $30 per day in this beautiful country. Aside from visiting the iconic ‘Salt Flat,’ one can always roam around the old cities, experience history, converse with friendly locals, and taste the local cuisine.

4. Cuba

The Cheapest Countries To Travel

Unlike how it is portrayed in the movies, Cuba is one of the best and under buget countries to travel. For a fair price, you can enjoy the stunning beaches, enjoy horseback riding, visit museum, and such.

Also, one of the diverse country, this Caribbean country is especially famous for its food; that is influenced by a unique Caribbean and Spanish vibe.

However, do keep in mind that the food cost may vary from city and restaurant you’re at.

3. Colombia


Famous for its lush jungles, impressive Spanish colonial cities, and breathtaking beaches, Colombia is a must visit for travellers and backpackers alike. Not to mention one of the cheapest countries, the country’s currency saw a massive drop due to degrading local economy.

However, that same reason has made it affordable for travellers like us. You can eat delicious sea foods, bask in the beaches, and call off the night at best hotels.

2. Mexico


When we talk about Mexico, we always think of yellowish-toned suburbs as soon in the movies and of course, Taco! But Mexico is more diverse, friendly, and lively than that. One of the cheapest countries to travel, Mexico is also the favorite destination of many travellers.

Other than having mouth-tingling local cuisines, make sure to visit the buzzing market and local restaurants.

1. Indonesia


For such cheap price, one would not expect to eat delicious meals and visit exotic locations. Aside from heavy taxed alcohol, Indonesia is worth every penny where you can enjoy world-class surfing, best scuba diving in the world alongside enchanting white sand beaches and rice paddy.

Also, there is more to Indonesia than just Bali! Instead make sure to visit other adjacent islands like Komodo National Park, Gili Island, Lombok, and more.

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