Most Populated Cities in the world

Most Populated Cities In The World (Top 10)

As of November 2020, the world population is 7.8 billion which is not a surprise really. In recent years, world population has been increasing at a rapid pace and creating problems simultaneously. However, the population is not distributed equally as we expected; most cities are populated and concentrated while others are not.

Over population is not only bad in terms of living standard but for country’s economy as well. Thinking back, it was the reason why China imposed ‘an only child’ policy few years ago. But surely, things have changed and here we will look at some of the most populated cities as of 2020.

10. Osaka, Japan (Population: 19,222,665)

Most Populated Cities In The World (Top 10)
Osaka, Japan

Blessed in terms of culture and natural resources, Japan is a place many have on their travel bucket list. Having said that not all lands of Japan are usable.

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Despite the lack of space, Japan is one of the most concentrated countries in the world. Hence, Osaka, the second-largest city of Japan falls on this list with the population of 19,222,665.

9. Beijing, China (Population: 20,035,455)

Most Populated Cities In The World (Top 10)
Beijing, China

As mentioned above, China imposed a single child law due to increasing population many years ago. Despite the effort, it seems China still suffers from overpopulation.

Coming at no. 9 is Beijing, China. Since, it is the capital of the country, many people come and live in search of quality education and work opportunities while also making it heavily dense in terms of population.

8. Mumbai, India (Population: 20,185,064)

Most Populated Cities In The World (Top 10)
Mumbai, India

As we all know, India is without a doubt most populated country alongside China. But it seems not all cities are heavily concentrated. Since Mumbai has a lot of companies, it is inevitable that people will flock the city in search of opportunities.

7. Dhaka, Bangladesh (Population: 20,283,552)

Most Populated Cities In The World (Top 10)
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Another in the list of most populated cities with over 20,283,552 population is Dhaka from Bangladesh. Understandably, Dhaka happens to be the capital and promises a lot of choices when it comes to work and education.

Sadly, nothing has been offered as promised, degrading the living standard in the city. High rent, overpriced items, are some of the issues due to over-population.

6. Cairo, Egypt (Population: 20,484,965)

Most Populated Cities In The World (Top 10)
Most Populated Cities: Cairo, Egypt

Land of mystery, Pyramids, and also the home to 20,484,965 people in Egypt; Cairo falls no. 6 on this list. Many residents of the capital rely on the tourism industry to earn their living. Not to mention, high living cost has resulted in minor crimes like theft and robbery to occur on a daily basis.

5. Mexico City, Mexico (Population: 21,671,908)

Most Populated Cities In The World (Top 10)
Mexico City, Mexico

When it comes to settlement, majority of the decision depends on the work opportunities and new possibility. Such is the place, Mexico City, the capital of Mexico. At the moment, the city is filled with more than 21 million people.

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4. Sao Paulo, Brazil (Population: 21,846,507)

Most Populated Cities In The World (Top 10)
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazil, first in terms of water resources and home to Amazon, is filled with lush vegetation and wildlife. It is the main reason why cities like Sao Paulo are concentrated with population due to lack of living space. As we speak, over 21 million people are residing in this populated city.

3. Shanghai, China (Population: 26,317,104)

Shanghai, China

With 26 million people, Shanghai falls in the ranks at no. 3, in this list of the most populated cities in the world. Despite the staggering number, what amazed us is that Shanghai is more populated than the capital itself.

Likewise, the population saw 2.88% growth compared to 2015. Both a major financial center and a global city, majority of the city’s residents are long-term migrant workers and registered foreigners.

2. Delhi, India (Population: 29, 399,141)

Delhi, India

According to a recent report by the UN World Urbanization Prospects, New Delhi is a large metropolitan area in India. Since 2015, the city saw a 3.21% of change which means the city has grown by 4,425,060 population.

Despite the influx of people, the city struggles from providing residential infrastructure and improving commercially.

1. Tokyo, Japan (Population: 37,435,191)

Tokyo, Japan

Now, topping the list of the most populated cities in the world is Tokyo, with 37,393,128 population. Even though, the populations changed by 0.07%, it already had large population to begin with.

Because of the dense populations, it is difficult to find living space, resulting in over-priced rent and housing. Not to mention, Tokyo is the most expensive yet richest city in the world.

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Unlike most of the cities in this list, Tokyo is always changing and improving itself to accommodate the residents. Moreover, one of the historical cities in the past is now one the commercially successful cities in the world too.

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